Innovation at HBKU

HBKU Innovation Funds

The HBKU Innovation Center provides multifaceted educational and training opportunities for students, staff, and faculty through seminars, workshops, boot camps, and more. Acting as a catalyst for the development of innovative ideas toward commercialization, the HBKU Innovation Center supports the Education City and Doha community in a myriad of ways, including the provision of targeted funds, as a collaborative network between Qatar Foundation entities and Qatar-based industries and businesses, and a dedicated open space for the community to transform theoretical ideas into applied solutions.

The HBKU Innovation Center houses and operates the HBKU Innovation Lab, located in Education City, to facilitate networking, collaboration, and rapid prototyping for all stakeholders in the Education City community under Qatar Foundation’s multiversity vision.

In order to catalyze an innovative and entrepreneurial environment and promote collaborative, multidisciplinary, and locally industrially-relevant innovation activities, the HBKU Innovation Center provides the following types of innovation funds in 2021 and onward:

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