Innovation at HBKU

The Education City Innovative Entrepreneurship Program

The Education City Innovative Entrepreneurship Program aims to support innovative entrepreneurs in Qatar Foundation, the development of an entrepreneurship ecosystem and the realization of innovative business ideas. This program is designed as a long-term initiative in which entrepreneurs in Qatar Foundation will commercialize their business ideas that address the priority areas within the ? Qatar Vision 2030. The shortlisted entrepreneurs will then be offered capacity building training and funding opportunities.

The target audience of this program are candidates who have an innovative business idea different from conventional business models and who have an active Education City (EC) affiliation. Priority will be given to women entrepreneurs, students, and researchers in the target audience segment.

Applications will be received online via the related web page.

This program is run in partnership with Qatar Development Bank (QDB), a leading entity that fosters entrepreneurship and SME development in Qatar.

How to Apply

To apply for the EC Innovative Entrepreneurship Program, interested candidates must submit online application of innovative business idea via related web link. Application should cover the following categories: Idea Summary, Problems/Challenges, Solution, Market Analysis, Team, Entrepreneurial Experience.

Application Themes

The innovative business idea must address priority areas within the Qatar Vision 2030. It is preferably to address one or more of the following QF strategic priority themes:

  • Progressive Education
  • Sustainability
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Precision Medicine
  • Social Progress

Application Eligibility

In order to consider application for review and evaluation, it must be submitted along with the following supporting documents:

  • Valid QID (with a valid residency permit for non-Qatari candidates)
  • Valid QF ID
  • Two-page resume of qualifications and experience.

Applications that do not meet eligibility criteria, will not be considered for review.

Selection & Evaluation Process

  • The innovation Center intends to provide the IEP program open to all those who are interested to join.
  • However, due to the large number of applications we receive each year, and to provide quality training, it is difficult to cater all needs at the current stage. Therefore, the initial selection process will depend on the number of applications we receive each cycle and the quality of ideas received.
  • Applications will be evaluated based on predetermined criteria, including: Novelty, Value Creation & Impact, Feasibility, Relevancy, and Capability.
  • If you don’t get accepted at your initial submission cycle, please feel free to apply again for the next cycle. We are open also to meet to discuss your application to prepare you better for the next cycle.

Program Timeline

Education City Innovative Entrepreneurship Program is designed as an 18-month program that will be conducted annually.


Program Winners

We proudly recognize the outstanding performance of our Program Winners! These individuals have demonstrated exceptional talent, dedication, and hard work in their respective fields, and have achieved remarkable success.

2022 Winners


Do all team members have to be from HBKU or QF?
Do I have the option of hiring anyone from outside of HBKU or QF?
Is it permissible to submit a proposal without a team or without plans to form a team in the future? Will not having a team negatively affect the proposal's chances of being selected?
Is it compulsory for the idea to fall into one of the preferred priority themes?
Will the Idea be selected if it is not relevant to my study field?
What is the time commitment needed for the capacity building part of the program?